Customer Survey

StatementStrongly AgreeAgreeOKDisagreeStrongly Disagree
My overall experience with Elegant Estates was good, and I would recommend them to anyone.
Initial Consult
A convenient time was given for the consult.
The Salesman was on time and courteous.
The salesman was both helpful & knowledgeable.
The proposal was clear and accurate.
The proposal was delivered in a timely manner.
A follow up call was made to answer any questions.
The crew was courteous and professional
The crew was knowledgeable and fully answered my questions throughout the project.
The crew maintained a clean & safe worksite.
Updates were provided throughout the project regarding progress and timelines.
Quality of Work
The work completed was performed as described
There was a clear indication that the crew knew exactly how to complete my project
I was provided opportunity to look over all work completed prior to the crew finishing my job.
Any issues I may have had were resolved.
Any Additional Comments?
How could we have made your experience better?

Contact Information

We strive to separate ourselves from the other companies by excelling in areas often overlooked during the contractor selection process. It is our belief that by doing the little extras for our customers, we will not only achieve great results, but provide a great experience.

Address: 112 Park St. | Port Washington | WI | 53074
Phone: 262-483-8477
Pigeon Air Mail Routing #: 3342342-000-91238423


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